Emma Lovewell is an American dancer plus fitness trainer. The New York-based trainer mainly deals with cycling and Pilates instructing. She is a certified fitness trainer and runs her own gym. Other than that, Emma also runs a dance institute which trains on various dance forms especially aerobics. The main motto of her dance institute revolves around mental and physical fitness. Emma is also engaged in lifestyle blogging and helps people in adopting a positive lifestyle through her blogs. The beautiful lady is not married yet as she has not found the perfect man who could possibly be her husband.


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Early life and Education

Emma was born in New York while she grew up in Vineyard, Martha. She returned back to the US during her mid-teens.


Emma’s academic qualification

Being a privacy-loving person, Emma always makes sure to stay away from the limelight. She has not revealed any fundamental details about her life including birth date, age, and other family information. Lovewell started learning dance after migrating to New York from Vineyard. Talking about her academic, she is an MA graduate in Chinese and Mass Communication from the University of Massachusetts.


Career and Professional Life

Emma completed her education but did not get a satisfactory job, thus, started working as a dance trainer. During the same time, she was inspired by one of her friends and joined the gym. The fitness freak turned out to be an indoor-cycling trainer who currently runs her own gym.


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Lovewell’s impactful growth

Other than the own gym and dance institute, she is a part-time cycling instructor at Soul Cycle and Peloton Active. The lady has been featured in stage shows of many famous artists like Bjork and the Rolling Stones. The fitness model has been featured in the cover of several health magazines. The lady has also been featured in several fitness-related ads. Emma is currently working as a Wilhelmina fitness model.


Personal Life

Emma is currently busy with her works and aims, thus, she is single. But she expressed feelings to get married soon and settle down with her husband.


Emma’s past relationships

Maybe, Miss Lovewell had a few affairs in the past but, she has always denied the facts and told that it was just friendships. Emma has never openly accepted the truth about her past relationships.


Body Measurements

Since there is no exact information available about Emma’s birth date, her exact age can hardly be determined. She is thought to be in the mid-30s.


Lovewell’s physical stats

The lady’s height measures 5 feet 7 inches or 1.73 meters while she weighs 56kg. Her most appealing body measures 34-24-35 inches and needs to wear a bra size 32 cupped B. She has a typical hourglass-shaped body with an athletic build. Her abs, biceps, triceps, and calves are some major highlights of the body. The lady has hazel eyes along with dark brown hair which perfectly complements her fair skin tone.


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Salary and Net worth

Emma makes most of her income through dance and fitness training. She also earns through the fitness modeling.


How rich is Emma Lovewell?

Emma’s estimated net worth is 600 thousand US dollars. This income is contributed by an annual income worth 125 thousand US dollars.


Wiki and Facts

Emma’s biography is available on several celebrity sites but not on Wikipedia. Rather Wikipedia features about One Peloton where Emma is one among the 12 trainers.


Emma’s social life

The lady is a social butterfly and uses her social networking handles to promote fitness. Her official Facebook page is graced by 9091 likes. On Instagram, she has a strong follower’s count of more than 31K.